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Welcome to the blog and me

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This section will be full of resources for you and give you a little insight into who I am.

I wrote the book on resilience

In my short time of the planet I have come to realise the one thing you can count on in life is problems. The key to life is to master a mindset that helps you search for solutions and understand that whilst you cannot change the world all the time, you can change yourself. You can learn to have equanimity and flexibility no matter what life throws your way. I have had to replan my life over and over, but I never lost sight of my overall goals and a deep gratitude for life that continuously pushed me forward.

I overcame...

Homelessness at 17, childhood abuse, self esteem problems, mental health issues, several significant bereavements, being a young carer and learning to live with a couple of chronic health conditions

I enjoy

Many things aside from Psychology and personal development. I also enjoy the theatre and musicals, listening to music, dancing, crafts, visiting museums and spending time in nature. I take an interest in politics. I also spend a lot of my day to day life integrating yoga into my life in the form of daily meditation, mindful breathing, asana practice and understanding the yoga sutras.

My values and ethics

I decided to become a therapist because I value authenticity, autonomy and compassion.I believe in everyone's right and ability to pursue their potential and happiness. I am supportive of those who choose to live lifestyles that society would consider alternative such as the LGBTQI+ community or those finding themselves in alternative types of relationships. I am generally open minded and curious rather than judgemental. I describe myself as someone who is spiritual and drawn to nature and natural beauty. A polymath, with a love of knowledge and expressiveness and admiration for free spirits that live life on their terms.

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