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Lauren Williams

DIP.CBH (Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy)

FHT registered certificates in Holistic Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Face Massage

I am Lauren Williams and I practice evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy. Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy is an umbrella term for many techniques that can help you change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you are better able to reach your goals. 

I also offer a range of stress management therapies that address your body, mind and spirit so that you can return to a state of balance and be present for more of your life. 

My Story

At University I explored how it was possible to use the mind/body connection to overcome limitations we could change and live with ones we couldn't. My experiences at University introduced me to the idea of neural plasticity, the idea that the brain can change, from there I started down a path of self-discovery. Eventually, I ended up providing therapies to help others change and grow. 


My life journey included a lot of self-discovery and hardships that you may have experienced such as anxiety, grief and childhood bullying. I have overcome these problems with some of the therapies I offer my clients such as CBT. Other tools I offer I used in my former life as an actress and children's nanny. 


I am adept at using the imagination to help transform experiences.  I strongly value imaginative freedom and expressivity.

My Values 
  • I am signed up to the FHT code of ethics. 

  • I am commited to diversity, equality and inclusion 

  • I value freedom, authenticity, transparency expressiveness and individuality. 

Further information available please do get in touch. 

Who do I treat?

Everyone can benefit from what I do but there will be some clients I cannot see who I may sign post to other services. I warmly welcome those in any profession who are motivated to change and live their best life. Book a discovery session and lets talk. 

The treatments I offer and, my experience may  be most useful for people who struggle in social situations or who feel a marginalised in someway that want to come out of their shell and live a truer more authentic life. I particularly encourage those with social anxiety, introverts, creatives, women and the LGBTQ+ community to come to see me. 

I am also very happy to work with children. I am qualified in childcare to Level 3 and as previously mentioned I have 9 year experience as a nanny. 

I know how challenging it can feel to reach out for help and you have already taking a first step by considering treatment today.  Free twenty minute discovery sessions which can be by skype or in person are available to help you take a further step. Information about how I will work with you is available on the treatments page and if this does not answer your question please check the FAQs or send a message. 

You're in safe hands, I am accredited by:

84 Cambridge Road

Anerley SE20 7XL 

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Please use the email form to make an enquiry or booking. Replies to enquires are within 48 hours excluding weekends for those requiring an email response. If you prefer to speak by phone then Thursdays 9am - 10am are when I  take or respond to calls. You can appreciate the rest of my time is best served preparing and seeing to clients.

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