Meet Lauren

A genuinely warm person to help you through

About Lauren

At University, I explored how it was possible to use the mind/body connection to overcome limitations we could change and live with ones we couldn't. My experiences at University introduced me to the idea of neural plasticity, the idea that the brain can change; from there, I started down a path of self-discovery. Eventually, I ended up providing therapies to help others improve and grow.




My approach is based on cutting edge research, and evidence drawn from areas such as neuroscience, CBT and holistic therapies. My inclusion of holistic therapies may seem strange to some but makes more sense if you consider that research from neuroscience and psychotherapy suggest that the body needs to be included in treatments. Furthermore, there are areas where the therapies cross over and compliment each other and being skilled in many modalities means I can create bespoke treatments for my clients that respond to their individual needs.




I passionately believe in the therapies I offer you and I believe in the power and capacity of everyone's potential and ability to reach contentment in life. I am so excited to lead you down this path and show you how with a few tweaks you can live your best life now

Relevant Qualifications

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (2019) UK College of Hypnosis. This qualification represents over 450 hours of study including case studies and a 20,000 word assignment. It is benchmarked at level 4 and externally verified. It meets the criteria for registration with multiple hypnotherapy organisations. It is accredited as CPD by the British Psychological Society and Chinese Psychological Society. 

It covered the evidence-based components of psychotherapies, in depth information on stress and anxiety as well as hypnosis practice, theory and research.  

Supplementary training that informs my work


Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Smoking cessation  (2020)

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Low Self-Esteem (2019) UK College of Hypnosis

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Perfectionism (2019) UK College of Hypnosis

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Insomnia UK College of Hypnosis (2018)

Yoga Diploma 2019 - Yoga Alliance Certified


Diploma in Massage, City Lit (2017)

Diploma in remedial massage, London School of Massage (2017)

Certificate in Face Massage, London School of Massage (2017)

Certificate in Pregnancy Massage (School of Natural Therapies (2017)



Mill Pond Clinic Sleep Training (2016)

Diploma for the children and young people's work force (2013)

Counselling Adults

Certificates in adult counselling skills from two year long courses at Terapia (2014) and Interpsyche (2015)


BA (Hons) Performing Arts

Supplementary training in dance, physical theatre and stage combat.