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Although I specialise in and focus on hypnotherapy I offer various related complementary therapies all of which require a consultation. The consultations for yoga and massage are currently free. You need to send an email to book in for therapies, or call between the hours of 9-5pm, enquires are usually responded to within 48 hours. If you wish to book on to a class please scroll to the end of the page to find out how. 


  • Hypnotherapy is the act of using hypnosis therapeutically alongside evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques.  It is not an alternative therapy though it is currently registered as one it does have its roots as the original psychotherapy.

  • Hypnotherapy is an evidence based psychotherapy there are studies that prove its effectiveness in a number of conditions and randomised controlled studies. I practice Hypno-CBT which includes cognitive and behavioural therapies that are also well evidenced as working 


  • Hypnosis is described differently depending on the theoretical orientation of the therapist using it. I am a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist which means I don't believe in a trance model of hypnosis.


  • Hypnosis can be likened to the state absorption you have when watching television, meditating or completing a visualisation. Like with meditating and watching television you retain complete control over what is happening. 

  • Hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis, you remain in control and I guide your imagination using suggestions. 

  • Hypnotherapy and hypnosis require active imagination, motivation, open-mindedness, a problem-solving mindset, an ability to focus attention, playfulness  and some level of confidence as well as a good rapport with your therapist to work

Hypnotherapy is a suitable therapy for stress, relaxation, weight loss,  pain control, IBS, insomnia, perfectionism, improving sports or stage performance, exam performance, presentation or other public speaking issues and social anxiety, phobias. It is a recommended treatment by NICE and The British Medical Journal and is usually suitable for psychosomatic issues.

Smoking Cessation, Habit Reversal and Phobias £220

Single session short term therapy £75 per session

Coronavirus Anxiety or Stress Package £75 one off session online

Group therapy from £20 per person

Image by Robin Benzrihem

Stress Management

My approach to stress management is offering various cognitive and behavioural therapies that are able to meet different client needs and different stages of progress in managing stress. I offer education about stress, skills training such as how to get better at problem-solving, higher-level social skills including assertiveness and training in the correct use of relaxation and applied relaxation. I offer supportive resources than can be used to support your long term stress management plan. I also boost your stress management plan by including relaxation treatments to support you in your ongoing journey to manage stress. 

When our stress levels rise many of us act in ways that actually perpetuate stress sometimes because we don't realise how we are instrumental in the process and sometimes because we don't have the skills, knowledge or confidence to change the situation we find ourselves in. We can end up on a path we didn't choose putting in more effort to go nowhere and all the while feeling empty inside. Stress management aims to put you back on a path to self-actualisation and peace.



I specialise in providing classes to beginners and those who struggle with mental health, chronic health or mobility issues. I unify the disciplines of hypnosis and yoga which at first seem to be sperate but they share many common features such as the similiarities between the philopsohies and intentions of each discipline in theory and in aim such as calming the mind or the similaries betweeen yoga nidra and hypnotic sleep. I can help you with asana practice, meditation, pranayama, yoga philopsophy and how to integrate yoga into your life. 

Yoga practice is beneficial for everyone but in particular may benefit people looking to manage stress better, support those with chronic health issues and support those looking for depth, authenticity and meaning. 

Image by Sabine Schulte
Hot Stone Massage

Stress and Pregnancy Massage

The art and science of massage is not about applying as much pressure as possible to relieve tension. In fact deep pressure and stress relief are not related and in some cases interfere with the ability to relax. Therefore these masages exclude deep tissue and include instead techniques and an approach designed to relax the nervous system which in turn reduces pain and tension.

These massages are perfect for people who are chronically stressed or anxious and who have conditions such as fibromyalgia, MS, endometriosis where the nervous system is frequently aroused causing a worsening of symptoms. Regular treatments are required so I do not sell individual appointments just courses of treatments and one sample single treatment.


Classes and Groups

Please watch this space. Online classes in relaxation, meditation and mindfulness will become available soon and some of these will be free. Group and online smoking cessation, stress management, insomnia and anxiety management will also be available for groups soon. Some classes will be free, some minimally priced and workshops will be priced from £20 per extract. 

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