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Does weight loss hypnosis work?

It is nearly the time of year when thoughts turn to weight loss. Extreme faddy diets, lose weight fast and unreasonable expectations enter the picture. People may turn to hypnosis to lose weight fast. But what is the best hypnotherapist, hypnosis or hypnotherapy to try in or near you for weight loss and will it really work? Couldn't you just use a free hypnosis recording and lose weight?

"Couldn’t you just use a free hypnosis recording and lose weight?"

Working with a skilled clinical hypnotherapist works best for weight loss when you have reasonable expectations, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. I have a particular special interest in weight loss, body image and healthy weight loss and learning evidence-based weight control methods that promote realistic expectations and outcomes. So, I am very sceptical that you could listen to a hypnosis recording and lose weight without effort or changes to behaviour. Similarly, I think it is unlikely for most that you could just have hypnosis and lose weight, read on to find out why.

Self-belief and placebo can have powerful effects upon the body.

On its own, a hypnotherapy track may work for weight loss because self-belief and placebo can have powerful effects upon the body. However, a track misses unpicking the thoughts and beliefs that maintain your problem. A hypnosis track will not be designed to educate you about eating, help you

prepare for relapse nor give you the accountability you could need to succeed. Where possible, the best outcomes come from seeing a therapist in person.

"An ethical hypnotherapist will care if you have other issues that need to be dealt with first which increases your chance of success"

Eating habits and attitudes are formed over a lifetime, and they are very deeply embedded but don’t lose hope, as I said, a skilful therapist will be able to help you unpick your habits. The best kind of therapist will be able to assess if you are suitable for very brief therapy for weight loss, such as gastric band therapy, or whether you need weight control. An ethical hypnotherapist will care if you have other issues that need to be dealt with first which increases your chance of success when you do decide to lose weight.

If you are assessed for the right therapy at the right time, then yes weight loss hypnotherapy can work! Hypnosis can help you believe that you can lose weight, improve body confidence, help you practise good habits and change your narrative around eating. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis is even more effective because it adds CBT techniques like mindfulness to the package. As long as you are self-motivated and complete the tasks your therapists asks you to, you can lose weight naturally.

Hypnosis can make you think you are full

There are so many techniques from clinical hypnosis that can help you depending upon what causes your weight issue. Weight gain can be from sabotaging your goals because you have low self-esteem and so ego strengthening techniques would be used with you. Weight gain can happen because you automatically eat, hypnotherapy can raise your awareness of your eating habits and install a method that means you don’t automatically eat. Hypnosis can make you think you are full when you are only a little full and reinterpret hunger signals as a sign you are succeeding in your weight loss goals. Aversion therapy which is part of hypnosis and CBT, can help you learn to hate foods like sugar.

If you want further information, please do get in touch. I have a particular interest in healthy eating and body image because I used to have an eating disorder, this means I am incredibly passionate about women avoiding faddy diets. This is a crucial area of hypnotherapy that is a love for me and a place that first encouraged me to seek out training as a therapist. I am more than happy to answer your questions, hear your horror stories or comment in your online blog or newspaper article.

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My therapy sessions are usually Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, however other options are available by special arrangement. If you want to come in person I practice hypnotherapy in Anerley. You can also book to see me online if you want to have hypnotherapy and you are in Europe. The best way to book is to call or send a text to 07803335709.


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