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Quit smoking online and be healthier I did it and so can you

Do you know that if you get the new Coronavirus and you smoke you can be very sick indeed? Multiple organisations are urging smokers to quit, and I can help do so using evidence-based interventions. My hypnotherapy approach includes a multi-component treatment that raises your motivation to stop, makes smoking seem undesirable and boosts your motivation to quit. There will be no reading you a script and sending you away like many hypnotherapists do and then charge you a massive free for. With me, you get a full package of care from the moment of contact until after you have quit. I am here to hold your hand through stopping smoking and to show you that a habit is a habit, not a life long death sentence which is what smoking is. I will give you the support and toolkit you need to stop this includes interventions from CBT and from hypnotherapy both of which have evidence for helping smokers quit but importantly remain stopped. Many treatments do not tackle relapse and relapse is often caused by not attending to the underlying problem in the first place, that smokers often do not manage stress well and cigarettes are used to cope. Many smokers do relapse because they are only given a few coping tools in standard therapy and none in most common hypnotherapy treatments. I quit with the tools I will give you and I don't have cravings, nor did I have any when I quit either. A growing respect for my body along with education about habits and a set of coping skills meant I found it extremely easy to stop. I realised that I had more of a likelihood of staying stopped because I had already attempted to quit multiple times and I knew that those who have previously attempted stopping are far likelier to stop and remain stopped. I also realised smoking wasn't aligned with my values and that smoking really affected how I felt about myself. I had mentally prepared for stopping by recognising smoking as a faulty habit that didn't work. I have been a happy non-smoker for some time now. All the health experts are reporting that Coronavirus is worse for smokers so please do yourself a favour and take advantage of my online therapy. Stop smoking is available now for £250 and it includes a comprehensive before-and-after package. If this seems like a lot consider that your smoking habit over time has probably cost you a house deposit and if you are on a normal 20 a day habit you spend more than this on tobacco in a month. Furthermore, this bespoke treatment is not available anywhere else and it is exceptional value, it combines multiple treatments into one supportive power-packed treatment regime.

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You can also send me a message and find out more about Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking in Anerley and online via zoom or skype .Anerley is that place no one seems to know about situated in South East London close to Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Penge and Dulwich. You can also get to know me a little better on the social media channels on facebook, instagram and occasionally twitter.

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