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How my business is adapting to meet your needs during the pandemic


I am sure you must be wondering how you can have therapy during this time and the effectiveness of the therapy you choose. I know that most people have a concern about how they will still have effective therapy and have support from their therapist when things have changed. You are also probably interested to know how I will be keeping my clients safe and information confidential. Therefore, I have prepared this information for you.

Lockdown may be easing but at this stage no professional body in either complementary therapies or those regulating hypnotherapy have suggested returning to face-to-face therapy. Most businesses will return to work by July but my procedures will continue to be as described below.


Online Therapy

Online therapy is currently available. There is very little difference between online therapy and face-to-face and it is equally effective. Therapy depends upon many factors for its success and you can be rest assured that moving to online therapy does not impact upon the therapy's effectiveness. Many therapists were already working online prior to Coronavirus. Studies do suggest therapy is effective online and in some instances can be more effective because people feel more secure having therapy in their own homes and because people can replay sessions.

My particular form of therapy works very well online as I take a skills-based model approach to therapy using CBT and Hypno-CBT, neither of which require me to be in a room with you. It is possible to do a video or email consult, send you a hypnotherapy recording and problem solve via email but please do contact me to discuss. For the majority of people I believe it is important to have face-to-face contact either via video online or in person.

The procedure for online therapy will follow the same format as for in-person therapy. I will send you an introductory form to fill out, then there will be an initial free phone call for you to ask a few questions and give a summary of the problem. In the free phone call, I will also ask a few assessment questions to see if you are suitable to work with me. If we believe we could be suited to working together you will be sent more forms to fill in and some work to complete such as a diary to help us gain insight into the problem. You will also receive a hypnotherapy track to work with. No resources are sent out unless payment is made in advance for your assessment session, the resources I use are often very expedient and many clients make gains in their first assessment session which is why it is not free.

After your assessment session, I will have some insight into your problem and whether clinically you are suitable for hypnotherapy, and will have confirmation from the assessment that we are suited to work together. How we will work together depends very much upon your issue, no two clients are the same and different issues require different lengths of time to treat and approaches.

Myths and fears about hypnosis working online


You may be concerned about being in hypnosis and losing our internet connection. If this did happen you would be able to instantly and safely wake up from hypnosis as you would sense the connection had gone. I will also call you if we do lose connection so you don't have to worry about being stuck in hypnosis, which is a myth even in in-person hypnotherapy.




My sessions are still held with as much confidentiality as in-person appointment are. Before you sign up for therapy we will discuss how you want me to keep in touch with you so I can protect your data as much as possible.

At your end you may wish to think about how you can keep your online therapy sessions secure such as scheduling your appointment when you can freely talk.

In Person Therapy

In exceptional circumstances I will see a client before July 2020 in my home. After July 2020 I will see clients in my home but the following procedures will be in place to ensure safety.

  • Clients will be sent all pre-registration forms online and they will not complete them in person. Contracting to work together will also be completed online.

  • All payments are to be made by BACS or Paypal at the time of booking.

  • Therapy will take place in my living room and not the treatment room this is because a distance of 6ft can be maintained, furniture and floors are wipe clean and contact with others areas is limited allowing for easier cleaning.

  • Please ensure you have been to the toilet before visiting as I will not be allowing clients to use restroom facilities to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

  • Please bring along your own refreshment, particularly as we are heading into summer.

  • On entrance to the property, you will be asked to use the hand gel provided or clean your hands using your own hand gel.

  • Cleaning:
    Arms of chairs will be wiped down between clients. Floors will be mopped between clients. Rooms will be ventilated between clients.

  • Use of Masks:
    I would ask that you do not bring masks with you unless you wear the mask throughout the session and do not touch it to remove or adjust it as this is potentially a risk for spreading infection. If you think you may remove your mask then please bring a bag along to place it in.

  • Consumables and protection from coughs and sneezes:
    Please attend with disposable tissues so that in the event you do sneeze or cough you catch it in a tissue.

  • Appointments will not be offered to those who travel in using public transport this is to ensure your safety and mine. At booking, I will need to know how you intend to travel.

  • Please cancel your appointment at the first sign of being unwell or being in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been unwell.

  • Bookings:
    In-person appointments will be restricted to ensure healthy working conditions, please make sure to book and rebook your appointments in advance.

I understand that there may be some things here I have not answered so please do use the form below to send me an email or alternatively give me a call. I look forward to treating you in my hypnotherapy practice room in Anerley or online soon.

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