Why should I care about stress management? 

Whether you are an individual or a business stress management is an important thing to consider. For a business managing employees, stress is a legal obligation and your employees will actually be able to work better when their stress is managed properly. If you are an individual properly managing stress can lead to the following benefits; better quality of life, reduction in anger, increased resilience, a longer life, reduction in the symptoms of chronic health problems, increased productivity, better problem solving, more success at reaching goals like weight loss and increased creativity. 

What is stress management ?

In a fast-paced world, it can be normal but not necessarily adaptive to try to defend against stress in many unhelpful ways such as avoidance, detachment, not eating well or counter-intuitively getting busier. When our stress levels rise many of us act in ways that actually perpetuate stress sometimes because we don't realise how we are instrumental in the process and sometimes because we don't have the skills, knowledge or confidence to change the situation we find ourselves in. We can end up on a path we didn't choose putting in more effort to go nowhere and all the while feeling empty inside. Stress management aims to put you back on a path to self-actualisation and peace.


My approach to stress management is offering various cognitive and behavioural therapies that are able to meet different client needs and different stages of progress in managing stress. I offer education about stress, skills training such as how to get better at problem-solving, higher-level social skills including assertiveness and training in the correct use of relaxation and applied relaxation. I offer supportive resources than can be used to support your long term stress management plan. I also boost your stress management plan by including relaxation treatments to support you in your ongoing journey to manage stress. 

How long does it take?

How long it takes to teach you the tools will depend upon the factors involved in your stress, your time frame and your ability to commit to practice. I strongly recommend that you book for a free twenty-minute discovery session and then the next step would be an insight session (£100 for two hours) where we go into detail about various areas of your life and troubleshoot areas that might need development.

If you are a corporate organisation then I strongly recommend you book a longer insight session and I can tailor a workshop or health day according to your companies needs. I can also implement a program of stress management including yoga and relaxation.

Try this
  • Instead of fighting with your experiences experiment with accepting them and reframing. Can you find something positive in your situation, maybe something you are learning or growing from?

  • Press pause before you act and get your body calm by inhaling for 4 counts, holding for 4 counts, exhaling for 4 counts and pausing for 4 counts. Repeat this cycle for ten minutes.

  • Remember you have dealt with difficult situations in the past and coped, what could you use from those experiences to help you now?

  • Spend ten minutes on YouTube looking at really funny videos or at images of nature, your nervous system thrives on joy and it can't tell if what it is seeing is real or not so give it a break by attending to your visual diet.

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