Getting started, a healthier you

I understand it can feel intimidating to reach out to a stranger and begin a process of health and healing which is why this section explains what you need to do to book in with me and how our therapuetic journey begins. You can also find a download at the end which is a free sample of my voice leading a relaxation. 

Your first contact with me. 

Use the online bookings system, choose if would like a discovery call (10 minutes), discovery appointment (20 minutes) or whether you will plunge right in with your insight session  (2 hours).  Massage, one off hypnotic relax or yoga clients book in directly via phone or facebook and appointments are confirmed by phone. 

Discovery Call (10 minutes) 

This is available to all clients and it is a chance for you to see whether you like me, check that I am real. I will be able to tell you if I am suitable to help you. If we decide to work together we can book your insight session immediately or a discovery session. 

Discovery Session (20 minutes) 

For hypnotherapy and stress management clients only. A mini consultation, an opportunity to see the space you will work in and for us to get to know each other better. If we decide to go ahead the next step is an insight session.  

Your therapy journey

1) Decide whether I can help you. 

2) Check credentials, am I approved to give you therapy? 

3) Book in discovery sessions and insight sessions and lets find out whether we work together well. 

4) I make a bespoke plan for you or sign post you to other services. 

5) We agree a timeline for your work. As a guide, hypnotherapy can take from 2-6 sessions for a simple issue and 20 for a complex issue. Stress management may take ongoing work but short term interventions can be put into place. The complexity and chronicity of your issues affect how long we need to work together for lasting change. Massage will generally be six sessions close together and ongoing maintenance.  Beware of quick fixes.  Normally we will work together once weekly or biweekly for hypnotherapy and stress management. 

6) Commit to the process by coming with the appropriate attitudes, attending sessions and completing homework. Read my personal qualities fact sheet and ask yourself if this is the best time for you to start therapy or commit to a course of treatments. 

7) Begin your new adventure. 

The Flourish with Lauren Insight Session

All hypnotherapy and stress management clients, as well as those looking for general coaching in skills, need to go through this session. It is available as a stand alone, appointment, as a 1-2 hour sample of therapy or as the beginning of a longer hypnotherapy, coaching and stress management journey. 

In this session we look at the road blocks to you currently living your best life. You may benefit from this session if you feel like your treding water, you self sabotage, you are letting fears hold you back, you feel a certain emptiness in life or your struggling with changes in your life. I help you generate solutions and we may decide to move forward from that to hypnotherapy, stress management, skills training or I will sign post you to other services


An insight session is the final step before deciding to work together and it determines the course of your therapy. 

Let's Connect


Phone: 0208-4051491

Calls answered Mon-Fri 9-5pm. Emails answered Monday-Fri 9-5pm. Enquries answered within 48 hours excluding holidays. Texts are not responded to. 

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